We make Android apps.

Our services

  • Android development
  • Android UI design and redesign
  • Mobile strategy consultation
  • UI Prototyping
  • Android design and development training
  • Porting existing iOS apps to Android

Want a test drive?

We can start with a small UI prototyping project (usually it’d take just a few days and cost $1000, but we can discuss and decide a scope that works best for you). We will design the interface, make wireframes and build a prototype like this:

or like this:

This prototype is inspired by the beautiful alarm clock app Timely

You are right! This is not a “clickdummy” consisting of just static images. It runs on your phone like a real app! Thanks to Mirror and other tools we’ve built, we can create these prototypes very quickly.

Moreover, much of the code that makes up the prototype can be reused in the development of the full app. It’s a real time saver!

What does this mean to you?

A solid, beautiful app in less time!

Because this process lets you:

  • try the interface in your hands at the very beginning
  • give us accurate feedback on the product before investing a lot of time and money
  • perform user studies long before the app is finished and incorporate the feedback into our work

and lets us:

  • avoid miscommunication caused by inaccurate mockups, especially for things like animations
  • waste less effort during the transition from design to development
  • save time by developing core logic in parallel with the UI

In a word, this process saves time, saves money, and gives you a better product.

Our workflow and tools

We love what we do. We always strive to bring the best value to you and your business. We deeply care about the quality of our work. That’s why we have been constantly thinking out of the box to optimize our process.

Our design and development workflow consists of iterations of steps below:

  • Customer interview sessions
  • Information architecture design
  • UI design
    • wireframes: design of key interactions and navigations
    • high fidelity prototypes: detailed design of how the app should look and behave.
  • Development
    • implementation best practices
    • unit testing
    • automated UI testing
    • code review

As avid tool builders ourselves, we love tools that help us get work done more quickly. A few tools we use daily include:

Our highest priority is to deliver a product that fits your business. If you have specific technologies that fit your own development process, we’re more than happy to accommodate that. We’ve been working on Android apps since 2007 and are experienced with a variety of version control systems, build systems, and development environments.