Go Team!


Alan Kay said the best way to predict the future is to invent it. We think the best way to invent the future is to create tools for inventors.

We are a small team of hackers passionate about helping people turn their ideas into working software as quickly as possible. We believe, just as reading and writing, the majority of the population on this planet should be able to understand and create software. We are taking baby steps towards this dream. Lately we are building UI design integration tools, i.e. tools that help UI designers and developers turn design into working software.


We have been writing Android apps since the platform’s beta release in 2007. We hand-craft tools and apps with our love and experience in development tools, user interfaces, Aspect oriented programming, machine learning, and web frontend and backend.

We are located in Victoria, British Columbia of Canada, a place they call “a piece of paradise”. Drop us a line if you come to visit this beautiful city!

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