Mirror turned one! Birthday raffle and indie licenses 40% off!

Happy Birthday, Mirror!

mirror-birthdayA year ago, we created jimu Mirror to make Android UI development more effective and enjoyable. We dreamed to build a tool that every developer and designer uses to save a couple of hours a day.

Fast forward to today, we’ve seen 35 releases of Mirror. With the much requested features such as custom view previewing, fragment sample data, ViewPager support and Android Studio integration, Mirror 2.1 has become an irreplaceable tool for many of our users. To quote a reddit user, “It’s pretty freaking amazing. I can’t imagine making a UI without it.”

It has been an awesome journey. We are constantly thrilled of knowing that we’ve built something useful that makes other people’s lives easier. We’ve made new friends, both in person and online. We are humbled by tons of emails asking questions, giving suggestions, reporting bugs or just saying thank you. Yet it’s just a baby step towards our goal. Thank you everyone who has generously helped us and trusted us.

Special offers!

Of course, no birthday parties are complete without gifts. We’ll give away 5 indie licenses to celebrate Mirror’s very first birthday. Simply share this page publicly with hashtag #1yomirror on Google+, Twitter or Facebook, you’ll have a chance to win. We’ll randomly choose winners on September 10.

Also, Mirror indie licenses will be $59 per license for two three weeks, starting from today! That’s 40% off. Buy licenses here.

We have a lot of exciting features to look forward to (e.g. Mirror.js). Your continuous support is our lifeblood. Big thanks in advance for helping us spread the word!

As a side note, Mirror 1.0 was actually released on August 20, 2013. Sorry for the late birthday party, baby!

Update Sept. 10, 2014: We just announced raffle winners! Thanks everyone who participated! BTW: this is how we run the raffle: assign rand() to the rank column and sort. raffle