Preview Sharing and Favourite Screens

TL;DR: Mirror 1.3 introduces preview sharing and favourite screens. You can now share your UI ideas easily and have your favourite screens always appear at the top of the list. Get Mirror now.__

Hi everyone, preview sharing and favourite screens are here!

With Mirror 1.3, you can now share your UI ideas easily and view the layouts others have shared with you. Also added in 1.3 is the ability to mark your favourite screens with a star and have them appear at the top of the list so you don’t have to scroll around to look for them all the time. Join with me for a quick tour!

Preview Sharing

Preview sharing provides an easy way for you to get quick feedback on your designs. You can share everything you are currently previewing on Mirror by just clicking on the share button (highlighted in red below) and choose the method that would work best for you. This shared preview, a file with an “mpk” extension, can be opened with Mirror by simply clicking on the file in Dropbox or the attachment in the email.


Favourite Screens

Notice the stars at the right side of every screen? You can tap on it to mark a screen one of your favourites. The next time you are here, those screens will be at the very top and you will no longer need to scroll through the whole list to look for them. Isn’t that convenient?



In Mirror 1.3, we introduced preview sharing and favourite screens. Let us know your thoughts about these features in the comment area below, or get Mirror now!